BORG45 Disc Carbon Wheelset

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The BORG45 Disc wheelset is reliable aerodynamic wheelset which will allow you to ride a bit quicker for the same effort. Drag reduction comes from the depth of the rim but also the width keeping the tyre width around the width of the rim. 

In addition the profile of the rims and the rim tyre interface results in stable handling in windy conditions. As stable as you would be on shallow rimmed wheels. 

The rims are 26mm wide (19mm internal width), 45mm deep for real tyre widths of a minimum of 25mm. IRC Formula Pro RBCC or X-Guard 25mm are suggested as these sit at 25mm on these rims. The 28mm tyres are again 28mm wide. Tyres that sit 25mm to 28mm wide are aerodynamically optimal for this rim. Suggested maximum tyre width is in the region of 40mm.

These are light, stiff, aerodynamic wheels that got a best value award in Cycling Weekly. The wheels are hand built in Suffolk, U.K. These wheels are built with specially selected parts for high miles and to help you ride faster too. 

The logo is in gloss black and are manufactured as part of the rim. Once you see the rims and feel the logo finish you'll appreciate the wheels even more.

The wheels can be built for the Cannondale 6mm offset. 

They are very stiff and therefore feel responsive and spoke life will be very long. 

Wheel highlights

  • 26.2mm  max width
  • 45mm deep
  • 19mm internal mm internal width
  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Shimano 8/9/10/11speed, XDR 12 speed driver, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehub or Campagnolo N3W 13 speed freehub
  • 700c/622mm wheel size
  • 100/135mm Q/R or 100x12/15mm/142x12mm TA
  • Tubeless ready (also tubed tyre compatible)
  • 24F/24R spoke count
  • BORG DX hubs 
  • 1540g
  • 10000 mile (16000km) or 5 year guarantee against spoke/nipple failure
  • Centrelock disc brake rotor mounts
  • 6 bolt adapters available
  • Lockring for 15mm axle hubs must be used
  • Hand built in Suffolk

Let us know which axle standard combination you need at checkout.

Please state at checkout if 100*12/142*12mm for Cannondale (Ai) 6mm offset bikes is required.

The wheels will stand up to road, CX or gravel use. 

Spoke count is 24 front and rear. 

Sapim CX-Ray spokes in black are used with alloy nipples that match the colour of the hubs. 

The freehub has a titanium core/pawl seat springs with an aluminium alloy main body. The freehub has 3 spring loaded pawls and a 30T ratchet ring. It is advisable to re-grease the freehub mechanism with good grease like Rock n Roll Super Web to keep the hub quiet and to stop any water ingress weakening the spring. 

BORG have had Miche make these in 24H, 28H, and 32H drillings. They have a large flange design because large flange hub reduces the braking loads on the spokes compared to small flange designs. SKF supply the bearings for the BORG DX hub. The front hub has 2x 6803 bearings and the rear hub has 1x 6803 non-drive side and 2x 6803 drive side. The freehub body has 2x 6803 bearings. The same high-grade bearings are used throughout the hub. All spares down to the ratchet ring are available.

The weight of the 45mm deep wheels with Miche hubs 1540g 

 What you get:

  • 24F/24R spoke count wheelset
  • Out of the box 100x12/15mm/1412x12mm compatibility 
  • Q/R compatibility on request
  • Tubeless tape applied
  • Tubeless valves
  • Shimano, Campagnolo, EKAR or XD driver
  • 10,000 mile/16000km guarantee against spoke failures and other fatigue failures. 

Warranty notes:

If the rim cracks (spoke holes) then that is a warranty (none have yet)

If a spoke breaks without external damage as a cause or the wheel goes out of true then that is a warranty.

If a fault with the hub appears that is is not normal wear then that is a warranty.