IRC Formula Pro RBCC Tyre

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All-new premium performance compound!

Based on the feedback from IRC-sponsored Nippo Vini-Fantini Professional Road Team, IRC improved RBCC tread compound to create a tyre that provides superior grip in wet and dry conditions, then reduced the rolling resistance by 10%, while providing exceptional rider comfort and puncture resistance. 

Wider Tread = Improved Puncture Resistance

They have added a wider tread to all of their Formula Pro Tubeless tyres to better protect the casing and improve puncture resistance and boost durability. With improved sidewall protection and handling, this tyre begs to be ridden over pavé and gravel.

386509 700x23 HYBRID 90–115 255g
38656c 700x25 HYBRID 90–115 275g
38665J 700x28 HYBRID 80–100 320g