MaXalami Hi-Fibre Tubeless Sealant

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MaXalami Hi-Fibre is a highly effective, fully synthetic tyre sealant.
It can also be used as a puncture preventative for bicycle tubes,
tubular tyres and standard Tubeless systems.

The microfibres form a mega-matrix, which provides extra puncture
sealing power, where natural latex sealants will fail.

- Ammonium free
- No staining
- No crystal ball formation
- Compatible with CO2 cartridges
- Skin-friendly
- Lasts for 6+ months
- Contamination can be removed or washed easily


By using MaXalami Hi-Fibre you make a significant contribution to environmental protection. More and more rainforests are being deforested to produce natural latex. MaXalami Hi-Fibre is fully synthetic and is classified as non-hazardous according to international guidelines.


Instructions for Tubeless and Tubeless Ready Usage

  • Ensure that tire is completely seated on rim before adding sealant
  • Remove the valve core from the valve
  • Inject the sealant into the valve
  • Inflate the tyre and ensure that both beads are properly seated
  • Shake wheel to distribute sealant evenly
  • Check seal under water or with soap and water solution to ensure that tubeless system does not leak air.
  • Repeat process until tire is completely sealed with the rim
  • Adjust to desired pressure and ride